Pros And Cons For Marrying A Doctor

Doctors have a great deal of respect and prestige in society for the type of work they’re associated with. Aside from that, they have a healthy income and can be the most attractive potential partner in marriage. However, marrying a doctor also has pros and cons. If you want to marry a doctor, you should be aware of such pros and cons.


  • You Can Enjoy a Comfortable Life

Doctors are one of the highest paid professional groups in the developed countries. Generally, their yearly earnings exceed even those of college teachers or engineers. The salary of a doctor depends on his or her specialization. For instance, anesthesiologists and cardiac surgeons have the highest earnings while the salaries of the podiatrists and general practitioners are on lower range.

  • You Have the Society’s Respect

Another major benefit of marrying a doctor is social regard the profession enjoys. Doctors are equipped with the skill to heal one’s physical sufferings and bring back a person from the dead. That is the reason why they’re looked upon with hope, love, and awe through their families and patients. As the doctor’s spouse, you stand well-placed to be respected as well like the way people respect your partner.

  • You Have a Chance to Bring Up Your Kids Very Well

It’s basically well-known that kids who are surrounded by intellectual resources and materials while growing up have a great chance of leading successful lives than those who deprived of such benefits. If you plan to marry a doctor, it’s absolutely a good idea as you can have an intellectual environment around your home. With a parent who’s devoted and intelligent to a profession considered noble, your kids are more likely to respect humane and intellectual motivations instead of mere financial success.

  • Doctors are Always on Call

If you will marry a doctor, it means that you don’t have to go anywhere else to get a prescription and treat a flue. Having a doctor in your house also means that medical emergencies including those common for kids like playground falls will be attended effectively without the need to rush to emergency rooms.


  • You Need to Put Up with Erratic Hours

The biggest disadvantage of marrying doctors is their erratic working hours. Since they are always on call, they are always prepared to respond on emergencies.

  • Emotionally Unavailable Sometimes

If you will marry a doctor, you need to understand that your spouse is very different from the people you have dated in the past. She or he may not always remember social commitments or she or he might not be always available whenever you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to. There are times that your partner might not even give you the attention you deserve because of his or her working hours.

Being aware of the pros and cons of marrying a doctor will not just help you understand the nature of work of a doctor, but also you will be able to determine if a doctor is the best partner for you.